Vāstu Vimana for Peace

Your Sacred Meditation Space

When I sit in the Vimana for even a short time, I feel more at peace. It takes some time to actually get to that sensation. Then I notice that my body becomes one “thing”. I somewhat “forget” that I have different parts of the body. Then suddenly my mind “grabs” this sensation and stops searching, chasing thoughts but starts paying attention to this “oneness” in the body. Here you dive in yourself and just observe. Om Shanti.

Vaastu Vimana is a portable meditation structure designed using the ancient principles of Vaastu Shastra, Ayadi Calculations. Each pyramid-topped Vimana stands approximately 7 feet tall, spans 3.5 feet wide, and seats one adult. The Vimana structure serves as a sacred retreat for deepening meditation practice and is designed to align your body with the five basic elements of nature, to calm your mind with peaceful universal energy and to enhance your yoga practice.

Swami Sitaramananda’s meditation experience in the Vimana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psMcCC9H8b4

Attain Deeper Meditation

Meditation invites deep, lasting peace, and meditation practice inside a Vaastu Vimana enables you to reap the benefits of holistic Vastu (Vaastu) science.
Embraced for centuries in the East, Vastu Shastra is steadily gaining enthusiasm from audiences in the West. From yoga practitioners to everyday homeowners, there is tremendous excitement for this time-tested science of Vaastu Shastra, green building design of the ancient India. To the delight of many, the benefits of Vaastu are no longer reserved for those with the means to design and construct their own home.
The Vaastu Vimana is your miniature Vaastu oasis. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, prayer and yogic breathing exercises of pranayama, the Vaastu Vimana serves as a sacred subtle space within your home.

Vimana Designer CoverHow to Use Vaastu Vimana

  • Assemble your structure
  • Position your Vaastu Vimana according to cardinal directions facing true East
  • Initiate* your Vaastu Vimana before your first use
  • Enter in the inside and meditate, pray or simply close your eyes and relax
  • You can listen to relaxing meditative music, chanting of sound OM or simply meditate in the silence


Vimana initiation
*How to Initiate Vaastu Vimana

  • Start burning incense and chant your personal mantra or universal mantra, sound “OM” or “AUM”.
  • Walk around your Vimana clockwise direction three times while chanting and burning incense.
  • After that bow at the entrance of Vaastu Vimana and enter the space.
  • Sit in the comfortable cross-legged position (or the way you like) and close your eyes.


Vaastu Vimana – Sacred Personal Super Structure for Meditation

This Vaastu Vimana has its name because it is made according to the ancient Indian spiritual teachings of design and construction, Vaastu Shastras, i.e. ancient “Green Designs”.

This is simple structure for Peaceful Meditation, for the expansion of your consciousness, for your inner peace.

  • It is your private sacred space with living vibrancy of life in it
  • It is your personal Flying Chariot into the inner space
  • It is your personal temple for meditation
  • It will make you feel more peaceful and will calm your mind
  • It will improve your meditation experience
  • It will create a connection between architectural Vimana, flying spaceship Vimana and your own Mind
  • It is portable structure and can be taken to the outside anywhere for the meditation
  • It can be used at home as special shrine for your altar

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