Q:  What is Vaastu Shastra?

A: It is ancient Vedic teachings of India related to transformation of energy into matter and implemented in architecture.

Q: How to Initiate Vaastu Vimana?

A: Start burning incense and chant your personal mantra or universal mantra, sound “OM” or “AUM”. Walk around your Vimana clockwise direction three times while chanting and burning incense. After that bow at the entrance of Vaastu Vimana and enter the space. Sit in the comfortable cross-legged position (or the way you like) and close your eyes.

Q: Why is this structure important for meditation?

A: The energetic vibrancy inside of this structure is motherly, comforting, soothing and protecting. Vaastu Vimana is carefully calculated per Ayadi Calculations, ancient theory of Temple and Housing Architecture of India. Ayadi Calculations is mathematics of “Vibrational Matching” as traditional architect – Vaastu guru, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati explained. It means that the space inside this Personal Meditation Space is set to have specific vibrancy of peace and motherly love. The mathematical formula of this structure incorporates vibration of one of the emanations of Divine Mother and special nakshatra (star) was used in the formulas.

Q: What is practical about this Vaastu Vimana?

A: You can take this structure to the outdoors and assemble it outside for Pranayama. You can do Pranayama (special yogic breathing exercise to inhale Prana – energy of life) and be protected against mosquito attacks. All you need to do is to close the entrance opening with cloth coming with Vaastu Vimana. The inner space also gives you a good vibrancy for doing Pranayama.

Q: How should I sit in the Vaastu Vimana?

A: Sit inside in a comfortable position without shoes. Sit in crossed-legged position if you can. BE in the MOMENT.