Your Happy House – Illustrated Vāstu Shastra for Everyone


108 pages, size 9″x 6″ with 45 color illustrations.

Vastu Shastra, interior design, architecture and practical tips for homeowners how energetically enhance your living space.

ISBN 978-0-9987405-0-8


Discover the art and science of feeling good at home!

Have you ever wondered why you feel so radiant inside your favorite indoor space? That wonderful feeling is Vāstu Shastra at work.

Vāstu is an ancient architectural method from India that’s entering mainstream practice all over the world. It’s the key to healthy home building.

As you’ve probably guessed, a happy home takes more than great aesthetics. The secret is three-prong and lies in the location, structural design, and interior layout of a building. And the good news is that homeowners, renters, architects, builders, and designers can all play an active role in awakening that good feeling in any home.

In this beautifully illustrated guide, interior designer, internationally renowned Vāstu practitioner and educator, Olga Sokolova, shares practical tips for creating a healthy home. Update your living space step-by-step or start planning your Vāstu home build from start to finish!

Olga, also known as Mandodari, is a disciple of the well-known traditional architect, Padma Bhushan Dr. Ganapati V. Sthapati. She is also a Member of the Vaastu Vedic Trust, based in Chennai, India.

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