Vaastu Vimana Structure Description

Vaastu Vimana

Vaastu Meditation Vimana is personal meditation structure. It is mathematically calculated according to special formulas from Vaastu Shastras and is perfect for the meditation. The dimensions of the structure are based on the ancient Indian scale, Kishku Hasta (cubit), used by traditional Indian architects, sthapatis.
Vaastu Meditation Vimana should fit in the space of 80″ high x 40″ wide x 40″ deep.
The base of the Meditation Viamana is a cube, representing the most subtle and peaceful shape according to Vaastu Shastra.
The top of Meditation Vimana is a pyramid.
Plastic pipes and custom joints are used as homogeneous material to allow free movement of energy (Prana) inside of the structure.