This Vaastu Vimana went through its testing in the internationally known organization, Sivananda Vedanta Centers of France, Germany, Austria, USA and the Bahamas.

Advanced yogis and beginners sat in meditation in the Vaastu Vimana and had great experiences.

Some people kindly described their experiences.

Swami Sitaramananda from Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, CA participated in the work-shop with Vaastu Vimana in June of 2015. Swami is very advanced meditator with many years of meditation experience. She shared her experience with Vaastu Vimana during the work-shop. The entire group of Vaastu Vimana work-shop was chanting universal mantra “OM” continuously while everybody had a chance to sit in the Vaastu Vimana and meditate for approximately 5 minutes or longer.”

“It feels very light. Heaviness below. As soon as I sat-down, I saw rays of light. Then up over here it opened up like I had no skull. I also felt tingling in my fingers tips. I can sit here for a long time especially with chanting of sound “OM”. I can sit here without effort.”               Swami Sitaramananda

“Here are a few words, trying to describe the experience, sitting in the little “temple”, was like sitting in Badrinath during Puja.

OM sincerely Yours”       Thomas Vasudev Zoller, German composer


For me it was a great experience and I learned much more about Vimanas. In one word: it was sooooo amazing!!! Thank you, thank you so much.
Hope to see you in the near future in Paris to have a tea in my atelier.
Cordially yours.”
              Marlis Ladurée, German-French artist

“I was thrilled by experiencing Vimana and I want to have one at home as soon as it is available!
Once again thank you so much for your generosity and your energy. I am looking forward to working with you in a near future!
All the best.”    Sylvie Volozinskis


Thank you for the workshop. It was a wonderful mind opening experience. In fact, I had a very auspicious experience in the group meditation with the Vimaana and application of some of the theory for some very powerful shiva energy/ shield coming through.  So thank you.

Om Nama Shivaya.”      Brahma Svarup

“I just purchased my Vaastu Meditation Vimana. After experiencing meditation in your workshop at the IIIIHS in Montreal, I am looking forward to enhanced meditation practices in this beautiful pyramid for increased awareness and directing of energy into our beautiful Mother Earth plane for the transmutation of herself and all sentient beings into higher dimensions of love and light. Since my experience in the Vaastu in Montreal, I anticipate increased state of peace, rest and love as well as amplified intention. Thank you for creating this Holy space. Namaste!”      D Burton